Kaohsiung Delicacy‧Baolai Eatery
  • Boalai Eatery is located in Kaohsiung for over 20 years. The owner is a talented cook. There are all kinds of wonderful dishes provided in the eatery, and the most recommendable item in the eatery is plum feast. Almost every customer order this dish when coming. The owner uses locally plums making all the flavorsome dishes. Each of the dish will make you mouthwatering. Aside from enjoying nice hot spring bath in Baolai, you should definitely give the eatery a shot.
  • Plum Chicken

    The chicken is stir-fried with homemade plum jam. The dish has preserved the original taste of the meat and sweetness of the jam. The perfect complement will make you enthralled.
  • Plum Chicken Soup

    Plum chicken soup is a hot item on the menu. The soup has added ginger, cinnamon powder and plums to make it taste even better. The distinctive and refreshing taste makes people want some more.
  • Plum Pork Chop

    The pork chop is cooked with honey plum and specially-made plum jam instead of using sugar. The sweet and sour tastes make it a popular dish.
  • Plum Fish

    The fish is cured with plum jam by the owner herself. It is then deep-fried until it becomes crunchy.
  • Fried Tofu with Plum Sauce

    Ordinary fried tofu becomes amazing when dipping jam sauce. Customers simply can’t stop fetching some more.
  • Chaylte Vine

    Chaylte vine salad has specially-made plum juice and peanut powder on top of the vegetable. The dish is absolutely characteristic and flavorsome. The dish becomes so well-received the minute when it is launched.
  • Store information

    【Delicacy expert】
     The owner Baoguei is the soul of the eatery. She is very talented when it comes to cooking. For all these years,
     she has been focusing on developing plum cuisine.

    【Latest news】Plum feast for 8-10 people included 8 dishes and a soup costs NTD2000.

    【Private home dessert】There are delicious plum jelly or vegetarian gelatin after meal. (not for sale)

    【Reservation】It is welcomed to make reservation in advance.

    【Information】The eatery has the capacity of over 40 people.

    【Thoughtful service】The owner will prepare nice and delectable cuisine for you even if you are eating along.

    【Opening hours】0600-2100

    【Traffic information】Express way No.20- cross Baolai Bridge. After driving for 50 meters and you will see the store on your left side.

    【GPS】N 23.1078092 E120.698740

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    Address: No.34, Zhongzheng Rd., Liugui Dist., Kaohsiung City 844, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
  • 營業電話:07-6881125